From Coffee to… Coffee!

I do love a good cup of coffee and fabulous atmosphere to take my clients to as well! I have been to some fantastic coffee shops within our city I thought I would share the list I have compiled of some of the best and some of my favorite coffee shops in Edmonton and area!

Iconoclast Koffiehuis
11807 105 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 0L9
This coffee shop is my absolute FAVORITE in the city! I make the extra trip just to be able to have a coffee at this unique little shop. Located in downtown Edmonton in the community of Oliver, it can be tricky to locate at first. The open concept coffee roaster turned café has a really fresh and appealing feel to it, with the front opening wide and door less, to the picturesque green space across from it. Koffiehuis has a very relaxed and social feel which make you feel like you stumbled onto a little hidden gem. Doesn’t hurt there is a Ping-Pong table to play as well!


Second Cup
104-9238 Ellerslie Rd SW
Edmonton, AB T6X 0K6
I tried not to include the larger chain coffee shops in my list, but this particular Second Cup is like my second home. Located in South Edmonton in the community of Ellerslie, it is most definitely my second favorite coffee shop in Edmonton. I often enjoy a latte at this location or bring my clients there for a nice coffee. This Second Cup is decorated extremely well and produces a really warm and welcoming atmosphere which I really like for my clients. They also have exceptional service which is important to me when bringing clients to a location.


Take 5
11801 48 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5W 2Y4
Take 5 is a basic little coffee shop located in the community of Beacon Heights in Edmonton. This coffee shop has TO DIE FOR donuts! I highly recommend them to anyone! These donuts are made fresh every day. Even if coffee is not your thing, you must come and try these fantastic donuts! Best in the city! A half dozen donuts for only $4.99. Take 5 also happens to have really amazing plain black coffee. I don’t often drink my coffee black, but every time I am at Take 5 I always get myself a fresh donut and a black coffee! Who couldn’t resist the donuts!


Common Ground Community Café
50 Brentwood Boulevard
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 2H5
This café is located east of Edmonton in Sherwood Park. Regular visits to Common Ground are high on my ‘to-do’ list. This coffee shop is a not-for-profit shop. All of their staff volunteer their time and all of their product is donated specially for this project. This does not at all take away from the quality of their products. Common Ground has amazing products and is supplied by Fair Trade Coffee and Specialty Tea. There is just something about giving back to the community that really connects with me. Common Ground is in a category of business called ‘social enterprise’ or ‘for-benefit’ meaning businesses that have a primary goal of making their community a better place to live. I highly recommend giving this fantastic project a try. The dill pickle soup is FANTASTIC!


Bogani Café
2023 111 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
Bogani Café is quaint little coffee shop that is located in the Keheewin community and is on busy 111 Street in the southside of Edmonton. Being near a busy intersection and street is misleading, as when you enter this neat little coffee shop it feels as if you have been transported to another country. It is warm and inviting, with simple yet rustic decorations that allow you to relax and forget about your day at work. This is another location I enjoy bringing my clients to for a coffee and a chat. The coffee at Bogani is excellent and everyone always complements the atmosphere of this location when we enjoy a beverage together.


11053 86 Ave
Edmonton, AB
LEVA is located in the heart of the Garneau community, one of Edmonton’s top neighbourhoods for socializing. It is within walking distance to the University of Alberta and many of the University’s residents and housing. This attracts a lot of students, especially during September to April when university is in. Although it is simple in decor, it makes up for that in food and coffee, specializing in traditional Italian style espresso beverages as well as organic gelato and sorbetto. Oh yes, not to mention some of the best pizza in Edmonton! Seriously, you should try this pizza! I really enjoy LEVA in the summertime; not only are there less students, they also have a fabulous patio at LEVA which is unique to this coffee shop! Sitting on the patio sipping a cappuccino – what could be better?


8708 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
Transcend is another neat coffee shop that is right by the University campus. It is found in the community of Garneau (although there are two other locations in Edmonton, downtown and in Argyll) this location is by far my favourite Transcend location. I believe all the students studying with their textbooks and laptops out creates a different atmosphere than the others. It is a quieter location although it does sit on 109 St, right on the corner of 87 Ave which goes directly onto campus. Free Wi-Fi has been available at Transcend for a long time, which I very much like! It is nice to take my work to my favourite cafes and be able to sit and drink a great latte while working! I love the latte at Transcend! I typically always order this as it is just so good! Doesn’t hurt that Transcend roasts their own coffee beans in house!


10134 104 Street & 10350 124 Street
Edmonton, AB Edmonton, AB
Credo has two locations in Edmonton. Both are relatively close to the downtown area, but I personally prefer 104 Street location. This is their older and first location in Edmonton and the one I prefer to visit when I am downtown myself or meeting clients in the downtown area. I very much enjoy their pastries, although I try to only eat ONE when I am there! Make sure you are aware of parking restrictions downtown as Credo does not have their own parking lot. There is a small outdoor patio for the summer time, but I prefer to sit inside. Due to Credo’s location in the city core, vehicle and pedestrian traffic volume is high. Credo is well known and most mornings there is a long line out the door to get yourself a coffee!