Haunted Mansion For Sale… Would You Live Here?

About an hour northeast of Syracuse New York in the small town of Camden, New York, you will find a very large, old white home for sale. Oddly this home has been on the market since 2010 with the price of the home continuing to drop. Today this home can be bought for the low low price of $105,000! Buyer beware though, buyers may have unwanted roommates in this house with many legitimate claims of it being haunted.

Dating back to the 1880’s the design of the property followed a Queen Anne style design and the home is listed as an official National Historic Place and is well known as the W.H. Dorrance House. This old style mansion is a 2.5 story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge 4747 square feet! It also features an engaged circular tower with conical roof. This home has many unique features but the most prominent is the claim that this home is haunted! There have been some interesting photos taken of this place most well known is the image of white hand prints on all of the windows of the front of the house when Google took the shot. This image made this home and this story famous on social media within the last year. In fact, in June 2015 the Daily Mail in London published an article about this now famous image and the hand prints that can be seen on the upstairs windows. Very creepy image, you be the judge! Not only does this home quite literally look like every house from any horror movie ever made, it has the ghostly inhabitants to go along with that!! Scary!

Take a look through this creepy article here:

Haunted Mansion For Sale in New York


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Solar Beach House

I really do love Real Estate, but moving to a tropical Island and living beach side in a cozy beach hut, just may have crossed my mind once or twice! I bet this same fantasy, or very similar, has crossed many other minds as well! Who wouldn’t want to live beach side with the ocean as their view every morning and night and the ability to swim and watch the sunset at your own free will!

This magnificent home reinterprets traditional building materials and uses unique materials including corrugated metal, fiber-cement sheeting, and timber. Large windows and sliding floor-to-ceiling glass doors frame views and carefully oriented to bring in natural light and cooling sea breezes for natural cross ventilation. This home even has natural ventilation, a large north facing deck that is partly shaded by the roof overhang, and a solar design with sustainable materials!

What a perfect little beach hut inspired home in Australia! Take a look at this fantastic beach home design below:

Solar Beach House

Spectacular Church conversion!

This is a very different home and completely unique! There are most definitely very few other homes in the world like it. There have not been very many church conversions as most churches tend to stay as churches. This family is certainly lucky to have this magnificent building as their home. A spectacular 135 year old church near Adelaide, Australia, that has been converted into a gorgeous and very modern family residence! The outside of the home looks very much like a church, a place of worship. Step inside the front doors and you are met with super high ceilings and arched windows which give the home a very calming feel. The original bell that sat inside the original chapel is still located inside this fantastic home. Although there have been some renovations on the original chapel section of the church/home (necessary as the building is almost 150 years old), most of the original chapel still stands and is part of the home today. All of the religious artifacts have long been removed. Can you believe this home was only on the market for a few days before it sold! Not surprising if you ask me! Living in a home that is over a hundred years old is definitely some home buyers dream!!

Take a look a this amazing 135-year old church conversion below:

Spectacular Church conversion

Home carved in coastal cliff!

Wow what a truly unique and spectacular home this is! Not very many like it in the world. Definitely not the type of house for just anyone that is for sure. But for the more daring personalities out there and for those who want to live on the edge, literally, this home would definitely be right up your alley! Looking right over a coastal cliff in Italy and with a roof top swimming pool too! This home is primarily constructed of concrete and has a vertical shape. Can you imagine the views you would get from your bedroom window! Or the sunsets on the water off the coast as well! Just fabulous! It sounds like a perfect travel hotel destination, but in this case, a family actually lives here!

Although I don’t think I will be giving up my comfy Edmonton home anytime soon, this is a truly unique place to call home!

Take a look at this coastal cliff home with a roof top swimming pool below:

Home carved into coastal cliff!

Interior of the most expensive home in the world!

What do you think the interior of the most expensive home in the world would look like?!? Now that I mention it, I bet you started wondering yourself! What could they possibly have inside the world’s largest and most expensive home? How could it all be decorated and designed!? So many questions and anticipation wondering what the most expensive house, or tower actually, looks like on the inside!

Some of the amazing features of this stunning home include a 6 floor 168 car garage, movie theater, 7th floor private car service, yoga studio, three helipads, a private spa, as well the building itself is a 568-foot building (or 60 stories high) but the entire home has been stretched into 27 floors, with some floors spanning 2-3 times the regular floor height. Oh ya can’t forget to mention the ‘ice room’ this family had installed so that they could escape the warm months and have a snow filled experience every single year!

Very interestingly, the family had refused to purchase and renovate this building for their home, for over a year before they ultimately did decide to buy this home, as it did not abid by an ancient Indian Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and construction. These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vastu sastras incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments. – Wikipedia

Take a look inside this spectacular family home below:

Interior; most expensive home in the world!