21 Places to Buy Furniture in Edmonton

I am very particular with the referral partners I work with. Sending my clients to an interior designer who will educate, understand, and go the extra mile for my clients is so important.  Jennifer Woch from House of J has proven herself to be one of the best interior designers I have had the privilege to work with over the last 9 years. Here is Jennifer with her handy list of 21 places to buy furniture in Edmonton!


Looking for stylish furnishings? Not sure where to go? Here is a quick list of some of the hottest spots in Edmonton for furniture and home decor.

The furniture stores listed offer furnishings for every room of your home. The styles very from traditional to modern and everything in-between!

Generally all furniture must be ordered. Although a few furniture stores, such as Reside and Pier 1 Imports, do have some stock readily available. Accessories are usually cash and carry. Order times can vary from 1-2 weeks, or 4-18 weeks for custom orders. Good things come to those who wait!

Most shops will deliver, but there is usually a fee associated with delivery. You can expect custom orders to be a final sale (non-refundable) in most cases, however, some shops will return items and charge a restocking fee.

Before purchasing furniture it is a good idea to think how you function in the space you are buying for. Do you like to lie down while watching t.v. in your living room? Then a comfy couch is a must. Do you mainly entertain guests in the living room? Then perhaps a selection of accent chairs would be a good option.

Another very important consideration when purchasing furniture is size! Before ordering be sure to check dimensions of the item being purchased and the space it’s going into. Ensure it is not too large to get through the front door or around that corner on the stairs up to the bonus room! *Always measure before ordering.

Whether you are ready to start purchasing for your home or you’re simply dreaming of all the possibilities, Edmonton has some excellent options and variety when it comes to home furnishings. Happy Shopping!



Eclectic, mixing traditional, mid century, modern, bohemian styles.

Address: West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 Street #2154

Price: $$$



Eclectic, chic, traditional twist. Unique details. Canadian company.

Address: 10502 – 105th Ave NW

Price: $$$



Large selection. Industrial with rustic raw elements. Clean classic flavourings and muted tones. Pricing in USD.

Address: Southgate Centre 5015-111st

Price: $$$



Large selection. Traditional contemporary, some rustic and nautical elements..

Address: 8882-170st

Price: $$$



Mid-Century modern with warm clean lines

Address: Southgate Centre 5015-111st

Price: $$



Traditional contemporary with ethnic exotic flavour.

Address:13530-137 Ave// 17515 Stony Plain Rd// South Edmonton Common1910-99st

Price: $



Very modern, mid-century, clean lines. Canadian Company.

Address: 2950 Calgary Trail

Price: $$$$



Contemporary with industrial and rustic elements. Edmonton based family company.

Address: 10434 Mayfield Rd

Price: $$$



Huge selection. Modern, contemporary, traditional. Edmonton based company.

Address: 4210 Gateway Blvd.

Price: $-$$$



Huge selection. Modern, contemporary, traditional. Edmonton based company.

Address: 4210 Gateway Blvd.

Price: $$$$



Modern stylish, clean lines. High quality. Edmonton based family company.

Address: 4210 Gateway Blvd.

Price: $$$$



Tradtional and contemporary classic style.  High quality. Edmonton based family company.

Address: 10115-124st

Price: $$$$



Modern mid-century, industrial elements.

Address: Manulife Place 10180-101st

Price: $$$



Modern funky, mid-century, clean lines. Canadian company.

Address: 10179-13Ave

Price: $



Contemporary warm rustic. Canadian made.

Address: 3865-99st// 975 Broadmoor Blvd. Sherwood Park

Price: $$



Old world, traditional, unique. Quality. Edmonton based company.

Address: 10508-109 Street

Price: $$$$



Modern clean architectural. Edmonton based company.

Address: 10549-124 Street

Price: $$$



Funky modern. Mid-century twist. European. Edmonton based company.

Address: 16844-111Ave

Price: $$$



Contemporary with flavours of traditional, modern and industrial. Canadian company.

Address: 13620-137Ave// 15427-115aAve// South Edmonton Common1918-99st

Price: $



Contemporary, transitional, traditional.

Address: 13030 St.Albert Trail// 6120-99st

Price: $



Contemporary, transitional, homey. Massive selection.

Address: 18715 Stony Plain Rd//  South Edmonton Common 1430-99st

Price: $-$$


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Spring Cleaning in Eight Easy Steps!

The green growth of spring brings on feelings of renewal, which makes it the perfect time to clean out all that winter clutter. Spring cleaning can sometimes feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are eight easy ways to get your spring cleaning done in no time!


1. Let In The Light

After a long winter, it can be very refreshing to open the blinds and let in the light. Better yet, open your windows and bring in the fresh breeze to freshen up your home. Washing your windows from the winter buildup is a great first step to brighten up your home.


2.  Skim Off the Junk

Go through your home and get rid of the items you don’t use or need anymore. An easy way to do this is move from room to room, taking away five things that aren’t relevant anymore. Your home will seem much more organized and lighter than before.


3. No Need to Deep Clean

You may think that spring cleaning requires a deep clean, but a surface cleaning will do wonders after the long winter. Vacuuming, dusting, polishing, as well as a quick neatening will refresh your home in no time. Doing one or two spring cleaning task every day (dusting the ceiling fan, for instance), will help you stay motivated instead of doing it all at once.


4. Pack Your Winter Gear Away 

Now that winter is near over (knock on wood!), we can begin to pack away all those heavy coats, sweaters, and boots! Be sure to wash all your winter clothing before it goes into plastic bins.


5. Break Out Your Spring Items

Bringing out your spring clothing, décor, and supplies will get you excited for the new season and liven up your home. This might be the right time to replace your bed and bath linens, as those can be overlooked and get grimy fairly quickly.


6. Organize Your Paperwork

Since it’s also tax season, this is a great time to organize your files and paperwork. Go through and archive everything you don’t need to reference, and toss any old papers that are of no use anymore. Creating an organized space


7. Clean Large Appliances

It’s definitely important to give your large appliances a good clean to keep them in good working order. After dusting the top and behind each appliance, give it a good wipe down. Be sure to wear gloves, as many cleaners used in these appliances can be quite harsh. When you’re done, head out to one of Edmonton’s amazing farmer’s market and bring home some great fresh produce!


8. Take It Easy

You’ve worked hard at refreshing your home, now it’s time to enjoy it!


Do you have any spring cleaning tips or tricks? Share them in the comments below – I’d love to hear them!



Seven Qualities of a Great Realtor


Your home is one of the most important places in your life. It can be your most valuable asset, the place where you make your fondest memories, and live your greatest dreams – home is where the heart is, after all! Buying or selling your home is an exciting process, and deciding on your realtor is one of the first steps. Like any other professional service industry, the realty industry is made up of all kinds of realtors with differing styles, and selecting a realtor should be a thoughtful decision. Below are seven qualities of a great real estate agent, exactly what you should expect from your realtor.

Your agent should be…

1) An Excellent Communicator

No two deals are the same when it comes to buying and selling, and not every deal is going happen without a hitch. Your real estate agent should be communicating with you continually, updating you with every detail of your deal. To top it off, buying and selling is quite time-sensitive, so having a realtor who is always ready to talk to you about what’s best for you, what your next steps should be, and what’s happening with the deal is definitely an important quality.

I pride myself on always getting back to my clients emails, text messages, or phone calls within only a couple hours of receiving them. Even if I am busy showing homes to someone else, I will reach out to my client saying “I have received your communication and will respond before ___ time” – buying and selling real estate is always a big deal, and I know that you don’t want to be sitting at home wondering if I got your message. I always communicate in a timely fashion.


2) Very Proactive

Your agent should be proactive in working with you, either as a current, past, or potential client. They should be reaching out to you regularly and always on top of ways to keep your deals going smoothly. They should be thinking about you and how to improve your current real estate situation even when they are not around you – these are the agents who have your best interest in mind, and the ones you will want to work with for every real estate deal.

Aligning myself with my clients goals is very important to making our time together fun and productive. I will ask tons of questions so that I fully understand the motivation behind all of your needs and wants. This way I can make your goals my goals, making us a seamless team!


3) A Great Listener

Real estate agents are generally great at talking up a storm – however, they need to be great listeners too! They must be able to listen to what you’re saying, and understand your situation, your needs, and your wants. If you’re working with an agent who is actively listening to you, you’ll be that much more confident in your relationship.

I believe in forming a strong working relationship – key word relationship. Strong relationships are built on communication and trust. Part of good communication is listening, my father always said “you have two ears and one mouth” –it just makes sense.


4) Adaptable! 

Your needs and wants might change from time to time, and your agent should have no trouble adapting to your situation. Your agent should be able to change their style in order to conform to yours – if you prefer face-to-face meetings instead of texting or emailing, the realtor you are dealing with should be able to work with your needs.

Being a millennial, I have tons of experience with the latest technology and trends including going paperless and electronic signatures. But that is not for everyone, and rest assured that once we meet together we can discuss the systems that suite your needs best.


5) Able to Give Great References!

Companies don’t hire people without first checking their references, you shouldn’t work with a realtor without checking theirs either. Your agent should be happy to share past client testimonials with you, and if they don’t, that might be your clue to look for a different agent. I keep some of my testimonials online, you can click here to check them out.

My past clients are so happy with our time together that they are willing to get in touch with new clients to give a reference. Just ask!


6) Knowledgeable of Your Situation 

This goes hand in hand with being a great listener – your agent should be able to understand and be knowledgeable of why you’re buying or selling, whether it’s for investment purposes, personal family situations, or something different. A good agent will be mindful about the situation, and will know the steps to take to make your real estate experience as smooth as possible.


7) Able to Work with Your Time-frame 

Real estate deals are time sensitive, and your realtor should be able to gain a clear understanding of your timeframe – and how to work effectively within that allotment. They should be able to think quick on their toes in order to get each and every detail worked out in the time you need.


I love being a Realtor, and I am passionate about my clients and their current real estate needs. I work hard to make my clients’ experience smooth and tailored to what they need.

Do you have questions about your current real estate situation? Let’s chat! Click here to get in touch.



How Homes have Changed Since 1973

You may be sitting in front of your TV one evening, watching your favourite show, and it occurs to you, is this what my home would have looked like if I lived in the 1970’s? Have homes changed? How much have they changed? All things you may sit and ponder with the irritating sound of background noise from the predictably annoying commercials ruining the drama of your show!

Have homes changed you asked? Well I can comfortably inform you that yes, homes have certainly changed since the 1970’s and changed in a large way I might add! Homes are bigger than ever in the last four decades, and have grown outwardly as well. Not only has our modern day family home changed in the obvious styling, fashion and decor, there are also some behind the scenes things that did a swap out too.

Did you know that in the 1970’s there was not any air conditioning in homes or even fireplaces like we know them today! Lots of things have been changed from the exterior of the home to the interior of the home. Another good example would be throwing out electric heating and opting for gas, which we are all very familiar with these days. But again, the biggest point that seems to be driven home is how the comfortable and modest homes of the 1970’s have slowly morphed into mini-mansions!



Homes on average are 56% larger than they were 40 years ago!

Homes on average are 1000 sq ft larger than they were 40 years ago!

Homes on average are $205,000 MORE than they were 20 years ago!


It is very interesting to think just how far the design and layout of our homes have come in the last 40 years, for both the positive and the negative of things. It is even more crazy to think about where our modern family home might go in the future too. What it may evolve into!


For now check out the article below! You can find a very neat time lapse video done by CNN!

How our Homes have Changed Since the 1970’s



Sources for information, time lapse video and photo found at:


Sicilian Town Giving Away Homes – Literally!

No, you read correctly! That did say a town is giving homes away, for real! It is hard to believe that there is a town anywhere in the world that would be giving away, and selling extremely below the market price, to home buyers and property bargain hunters! If you have every dreamed of having your very own Sicilian escape, now is the time to act. The tiny town of Gangi in Sicily could make that dream come true for a few hundred people!

Gangi has fallen victim to the same fate as many other small towns across Europe, emigration. Not only had Gangi been shrinking for many years, in the late 1800’s a number of the towns inhabitants emigrated from Sicily to America. In a 32 year span, starting in 1892, 1,700 residents emigrated to New York which, at that time, was a decent amount of people. Today’s population is lays around 7,000 residents.

Interestingly more, the houses found in Gangi have an very unique design to them! These three-story structures are called pagglialore,  and were designed to once house donkeys on the ground floor, chickens and goats on the middle level, and the farmer’s family would be on the top floor. The many years of exodus lefts these building in bad condition and in need of repair and renovation. That is why the mayor of Gangi is selecting potential new residents based on specific criteria, specifically compliance to renovate the building right away once you take possession. This is based on an interview process of all candidates. There is a long waiting list for the remaining 200 properties in Gangi, so don’t wait if you want to be included!

The town of Gangi is hoping to bring people to the interior of Italy and allow them and the world to begin to see just how spectacular Sicily, and Gangi, can be once again!

Take a read through the article here:

Sicilian Town Giving Away Homes – Literally!


Source for information and photo found at:


Houses Painted in Protest!

We have all seen one version or another of these uniquely painted houses somewhere in the world, either near our own home or perhaps on vacation in another country. But when we see them, they always catch our eye right away for obvious reasons. These houses stand out from the crowd! They are very different than all of the houses around them and most people just can’t help but stare at its total uniqueness!

Sometimes homeowners paint their houses bright colours for fun, as well, some places of the world (mostly tropical beach locations like Thailand or Costa Rica) have their houses naturally painted bright, happy colours to make their beach tourist attraction much more appealing to the eye. But sometimes the motivation for painting their houses is for a different reason all together. Sometimes homeowners want to make a bold statement so they paint their homes odd colours, but mostly spiteful painting is about revenge! Spiteful paint jobs are a common way for people to get back at strict city ordinances, historical commissions, homeowners’ associations, bigoted neighbours and even banks. That’s a lot of spiteful reasons to paint your home for revenge but some of the interesting paint jobs you will find in the article below have great stories behind them. Keep in mind that in some cases, the spiteful revenge job on the house is not always paint, it can also be an abundance of lawn ornaments that literally take over the homeowners lawn and to most people would be considered unnecessary. I mean how does one cut your grass if it is covered in ornaments. But it’s not just painting the home that can show revenge, homeowners get creative!


Check out the link below of 10 houses painted in protest!

10 Houses Painted in Protest


Source of information and photo:


Haunted Mansion For Sale… Would You Live Here?

About an hour northeast of Syracuse New York in the small town of Camden, New York, you will find a very large, old white home for sale. Oddly this home has been on the market since 2010 with the price of the home continuing to drop. Today this home can be bought for the low low price of $105,000! Buyer beware though, buyers may have unwanted roommates in this house with many legitimate claims of it being haunted.

Dating back to the 1880’s the design of the property followed a Queen Anne style design and the home is listed as an official National Historic Place and is well known as the W.H. Dorrance House. This old style mansion is a 2.5 story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and huge 4747 square feet! It also features an engaged circular tower with conical roof. This home has many unique features but the most prominent is the claim that this home is haunted! There have been some interesting photos taken of this place most well known is the image of white hand prints on all of the windows of the front of the house when Google took the shot. This image made this home and this story famous on social media within the last year. In fact, in June 2015 the Daily Mail in London published an article about this now famous image and the hand prints that can be seen on the upstairs windows. Very creepy image, you be the judge! Not only does this home quite literally look like every house from any horror movie ever made, it has the ghostly inhabitants to go along with that!! Scary!

Take a look through this creepy article here:

Haunted Mansion For Sale in New York


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