Paint The Town Teal – January 2018


Over the holidays there are so many events around the city! Events for families, couples, nights out on the town with friends … Here’s a few of our favorites happening in January!


The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition – FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! … Or you can enjoy kid free on ADULT ONLY NIGHTS! Take a look behind the scenes at how some of your favorite Pixar movies and characters were created … You’ll even get to take a crack at it yourself with some hands-on activities!


Dark Matters – “18+ event, where the science is served on the rocks & the adults come out to play” … For all those gamers out there who want to test strategies or battle other gamers to claim the title of Game-Master!


Cats on Mats – This is a 90 minute session hosted by Paws the Cat Café. 60 Minutes of yoga followed by 30 mins of hanging out with the kitties & relaxing with a beverage of your choice.


Paint Night! – Drink, paint & be merry! Your ticket includes a free drink, there’s cash bar for those who want more & door prizes!!!


Ice on Whyte – Live music in Old Strathcona along with ice sculptures, games, art, food, drinks, skating and so much more!


Paint Your Face Night – Drinks & make up! What more could a girl want?! This event will teach you how to create the dramatic eye look.


Yoga & Taco’s – Yoga first …. Taco’s after! Bring your own mat & join in the fun!


Flat Iron Curls – Have you ever wondered how to curl your hair with a straightener? Wonder no more! Bring your straightener & learn how!


Date n’ Dash – 30 to 45 year old’s… let’s speed date! Meet & mingle with other singles! Limited to 15 spots for males & 15 for females, be speedy & get your tickets now!


Free Trial BooTy® Class – Bring your own yoga mat & shake the day off for free! Try out this style of workout without risking what’s in your wallet.


Glow in the Dark Yoga – Get your glow on with some high-energy yoga … also known as GLOWGA!


Vibe – Live entertainment, food and drinks at the AGA. Gallery & exhibitions are open late!


Snowshoe and Stargaze at Elk Island – Guided snowshoe hike under the night sky followed by a campfire & hot chocolate.


Ice Castles in Hawrelak Park – What a beautiful sight to see! Share the experience with your family or friends. If you bring your own sled you can take turns pulling each other around!

What is Good Credit and Why Does it Matter?

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I am very particular with the referral partners I work with. Sending my clients to a mortgage broker who will educate, understand, and go the extra mile for my clients is so important.  Lisa Last from River City Financial has proven herself to be one of the best mortgage brokers I have had to privilege to work with over the last 9 years. Here is Lisa letting us all know what you can expect during your first meeting with an experience mortgage broker like herself.


Credit. Another thing to worry about, right? Well, here are a few simple, easy-to-understand things that you need to know about credit. Essentially it’s your financial scorecard that the business world uses to determine whether or not they should, say, loan you money for a house, give you a credit card, rent to you, employ you, insure you, etc. (see the whole list of who checks your credit here). Your score can range from 300-850 points, and a higher score is better. Your credit score tells whoever is inquiring how good you are with your money. It’s pretty simple in theory: Pay your bills on time and you’ll look great, but if you have money problems, your credit score might hold you back.


Here are five things you can do to get a good rating:


  1. Pay your bills on time. 35% of the score is based on your ability to make payments on your car loans, phone bills, lines of credit, etc. If you make payments later than 90 days after or have something go through collections, your score can be affected.
  2. Don’t owe more than 90% of the credit available to you. Creditors want to know that you aren’t maxed out all the time.
  3. Have credit available to you for a long time, and the longer the better.
  4. Having different kinds of credit is good. A mix of a mortgage, a car loan, student loans, and credit cards is better than just credit cards alone.
  5. Don’t get your credit checked if you can avoid it. Each time your credit is checked, it can take up to 50 points off your credit score!


Now I want to point out a few things you can avoid doing. I know it can be challenging to be financially wise all the time, but maybe if you read them, you’ll remember and try to avoid doing these things, because good credit is the goal!

  1. Avoid always paying the minimum payment. Sure, it’s not going to make next month’s bill any smaller, but paying off more than the required amount is a good idea.
  2. Try not to have leftover amounts carry over from bill to bill. This just creates a perpetually overdue account. Not good.
  3. Don’t ignore bills completely or live with maxed out credit cards. As you can guess, both of these things are even worse for your credit than just making minimum payments.
  4. Avoid applying for loans all over the place trying to get someone to approve you. Chances are that if one turns you down, most of them are probably going to turn you down. Work at restoring your credit for 6 months and then try again.
  5. Try not to apply for bankruptcy or default on your mortgage payments. Basically, avoid these at all costs. The word “devastation” comes to mind when I think about what these things can do to your credit.


Still have questions about credit? Let’s chat!

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